Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trump Slaps At House Freedom Caucus For Healthcare Failure

After initially blaming House Democrats for the Republicans failure to "repeal and replace" Obamacare on Friday, this morning President Trump took a swipe at the far-right House Freedom Caucus for their hand in blocking the legislation.

According to CNN, it was those same Freedom Caucus members that Trump told on Thursday to "forget about the little shit - focus on the big picture here." That "big picture" being a win for his first legislative attempt, and ultimately his reelection.

Freedom Caucus members told the press they didn't think Trump cared what the bill was as long as it passed.

"I got the sense that he had delegated a lot of the specifics to White House personnel and/or Paul Ryan and/or house leadership, and he was going to support whatever they came up with regardless of good or bad, as long as it was some kind of repeal and replacement," said the caucus member, who asked not to be quoted by name in order to talk freely about the private meeting.

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