Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Late Show Spoofs Rachel Maddow's Preamble Technique

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert nails this parody of Rachel Maddow's tendency to go on at length in introducing a topic before finally getting to the actual topic.

Some folks were a bit disappointed Tuesday night after Maddow's much-hyped reveal of Donald Trump's taxes turned out to be only two pages from 12 years ago.

The episode attracted 4.13 million viewers, her biggest audience ever.

While some compared the moment with Geraldo Rivera's infamous unearthing of Al Capone's vault, others thought it masterful by drawing in the viewers (including Trump supporters) and using the preamble to review her recent investigation into Trump's Russian ties.

With my short attention span, I do sometimes find her openings too long, but she always has a point she's heading to.

Watch Colbert demonstrate the "Maddow method" below:

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