Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Podcast: Talking With Leeza Gibbons On Caregivers For LGBT Seniors

According to AARP,  80% of long-term care for older people in the U.S. is provided by family members like spouses, children, and other relatives.

But LGBT seniors are half as likely as heterosexual counterparts to have close family to lean on for help.

Additionally, studies show that 40% of LGBT older people feel that their support networks become smaller over time, versus compared to 27% of non-LGBT people.

As such, many LGBT older people experience higher rates of social isolation. They are twice as likely to be single and to live alone, and three to four times as likely to be childless.

Where do LGBT elders find support in their golden years?

Emmy Award-winning host and New York Times bestselling author Leeza Gibbons joins me on this episode of The Randy Report to talk about her advocacy on behalf of senior care and caregivers through such partnerships as the one she has with

Plus, she shares her path to success and how optimism is her driving force.

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