Thursday, February 2, 2017

White House On 'Religious Freedoms' Executive Order Draft: "A Lot Of Ideas Being Floated"

Keen News Service reports on a question that came up during today's White House press briefing about the circulating draft executive order that could legalize discrimination against LGBTs in the name of "religious freedom."

Asked whether the draft in circulation is one being considered by President Trump, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at a White House briefing Thursday, “Right now, there are no executive orders we are able to read out.” He added, however, that there are a “lot of ideas being floated out,” and “input and ideas” being provided “on a variety of subjects.” But he said that “until the president makes up his mind, there’s nothing going out.”

The answer provided little relief to LGBT legal activists, particularly given that President Trump on Wednesday, met with almost a dozen representatives of right-wing groups, including those with specifically anti-LGBT agendas. And at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning, President Trump reiterated his support for eliminating the “Johnson Amendment,” which prohibits tax exemptions for organizations participating in political activity.

You'll note that Spicer repeatedly refers to the idea of LGBT rights in the vein of "political correctness." And the word "pendulum" gets repeated over and over, as if the concept of equal rights for LGBTs has had it's time.

Just one comment off-topic: Umm, that tie? Really? See what happens when you don't have gay friends?

Watch below. The question comes up at the 9:32 mark.

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