Thursday, February 2, 2017

Podcast: Mixed Signals From Trump White House On LGBT Rights

In my latest podcast for The Randy Report, I recap the developing news story regarding the Trump administration's announcement that President Obama's executive order on LGBT workplace protections will remain in place - for now.

President Trump maintains that he is a friend of the LGBTQ community, but advocates are not quite sure of what's to come.

The LGBT community has been on the lookout for some kind of announcement from the White House since Donald Trump won the presidential race last November. This week it looks like we finally got an answer.

Late Monday evening, the Trump White House announced Obama's 2014 pro-LGBT executive order will continue to be enforced.

But a draft of an executive order that began circulating in Washington over the weekend called for allowing discrimination against LGBTs in the federal workforce and by federal contractors based on "religious freedoms."

Listen in as I explore the concerns of those in the LGBTQ community and the positions of those who oppose these vital protections.

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