Monday, February 13, 2017

BREAKING: National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns

CNN is reporting that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has resigned.

Gloria Borger of CNN says General David Petreaus has an appointment at the White House tomorrow.

More from the New York Times:

The Justice Department warned the White House that Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser, misled administration officials about whether he had discussed American sanctions against Russia during a phone call with the Russian ambassador, and his job appeared in danger on Monday night.

Publicly, the White House offered a series of conflicting messages on whether Mr. Flynn still had the confidence of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

But a former senior official said the Justice Department raised concerns last month about the call, during which the two men discussed American sanctions against President Vladimir V. Putin’s government weeks before Mr. Trump’s inauguration. Mr. Flynn appears to have not fully disclosed that fact to other senior White House officials, and the Justice Department feared he could be vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.

Officials said Mr. Pence has told others in the White House that he believes Mr. Flynn lied to him by saying he had not discussed the topic of sanctions on a call with the Russian ambassador in late December. Even the mere discussion of policy — and the apparent attempt to assuage the concerns of an American adversary before Mr. Trump took office — represents a remarkable breach of protocol.

You'll note that 6 hours and 46 minutes ago, Kellyanne Conway told America that Flynn had the "complete confidence" of the president.

Earlier tonight the Washington Post reported that the White House had been informed by the acting Attorney General (now fired) that Flynn represented a possible liability and possible blackmail due to his communications with Russia during the presidential transition period.

The acting attorney general informed the Trump White House late last month that she believed Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail, current and former U.S. officials said.

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