Thursday, January 5, 2017

Virginia: Governor Promises To Veto Any Anti-LGBT Legislation

(image via Twitter)

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says his state will not be emulating the anti-LGBT mess going on in North Carolina any time soon.

Earlier today, McAuliffe signed an executive order that bans anti-LGBT discrimination among state employees, contractors and subcontractors.

Via the Roanoke Times:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe vowed Wednesday to veto any legislation he receives from Virginia lawmakers similar to North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill.” His statement comes one day after Del. Bob Marshall, R-Prince William, prefiled the Physical Privacy Act. The bill stipulates people must use the restroom, locker room or changing room that corresponds to the gender assigned at birth as opposed to the gender with which they identify. The measure would apply to restrooms located in public schools, universities and government buildings.

Asked about the proposal after an unrelated event Wednesday at Virginia Tech, McAuliffe said he would strike down all legislation that inhibits anyone’s individual rights. “Stay away from the socially divisive issues,” he said to legislators. “We are not going to put a wall up around Virginia.” Marshall said he doesn’t introduce legislation based what McAuliffe likes and doesn’t like. Virginia would be lucky to be as business-friendly and collect as much tax revenue as its neighbor to the south, Marshall said.

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