Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Out Music: Summer Luk "Part Of Me"

Summer Luk, who describes herself as "a musician who's trans, not a trans musician,' shares a personal essay with The Advocate about her new music video, "Part of Me."

In the op-ed, Luk explains why she fought against the narrative that trans women should be limited to portrayals that are only "sad and painful."

Through music, I get to tell a different story about myself. Although my song “Part of Me” isn’t revolutionary or radical, it is a song that gives me permission to feel the feelings that I had to suppress as a youth in a conservative Christian household. This song, like all my other songs, was my way of learning to see myself through my own eyes and to acknowledge that while there’s a part of me that has experienced sadness, there are also parts of me that are silly, sassy, and even downright cheesy. I believe that only when I can acknowledge all these parts will I find the strength to move forward because I’m not leaving any part of me behind.

That is why I’ll always do what I’m not supposed to do as a musician who happens to be trans. That is why I will always write, perform, and exist not as a trans musician but as a musician who is trans.

Learn more about Summer Luk in this Refinery29 Q&A.

Check out the music video for "Part of Me" below. It's fun, light and pop-y.

Plus, she's got great taste in music video crushes.

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