Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anderson Cooper's Fiery Interview With Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway

Don't let the length of the clip fool you. This was quite riveting to watch.

Good on Anderson that he doesn't back down. Make sure you watch to the end when he CONFIRMS that CNN never linked to the document dump or to Buzzfeed.

Conway is wrong, spinning for the Trumpers, and never acknowledges she's wrong.

What's clear is Team Trump has a huge chip on it's shoulder that folks didn't think he would win.

Near the end Conway asks why 8 years ago at this time CNN was reporting that President Obama was headed to Oslo to pick up a Nobel Peace Prize, but no one's reporting that about Trump today.

Umm, maybe because Trump hasn't won a Nobel Peace Prize???

From CNN:

In a fiery exchange, Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and Anderson Cooper clash over CNN's reporting of the classified documents presented to President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump

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