Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bristol Palin Attacks A-List Celebs For Not Performing At Trump Inauguration

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Bristol Palin, who's biggest claim to fame is becoming an unmarried teen mother as the daughter of a Republican part-time politician, took to her blog to rant about the number of celebrities who have turned down performing at the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump:

If Donald Trump were still just a regular old billionaire and threw a party at Trump Tower in New York City, celebrities would be lined up out the door, and the most famous artists would be pining for a chance to perform.

But because he will be inaugurated as the next Republican president in January, these same mega-celebrities, who would normally drool over an invitation to sing for the president, want no part of it.

Trump’s inauguration team sought out some of the world’s greatest musicians, but nearly all of them have refused for fear of backlash or to stand against him politically.

Isn’t it amazing how “not cool” it is to be conservative in the public eye? Either Hollywood is that far off – or we have so many sissies we have in the spot light too scared to stand for what they believe in!

The Pinball Wizard himself, Sir Elton John, quickly shot down any chance he would ever perform for President Trump. In his explanation to The Guardian, Elton delivered a jab at American country music, too, which is surprising considering he stole all their rhinestone outfits.

Palin, who again resides in Alaska with her new husband and is now expecting her third child, goes on to include Kiss, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and Aretha Franklin in her attack.

Of course, many things here are inaccurate.

One, Elton John specifically said he didn't want to perform at the political event because his own views are diametrically opposed to the Donald's:

“I don’t really want my music to be involved in anything to do with an American election campaign. I’m British. I’ve met Donald Trump, he was very nice to me, it’s nothing personal, his political views are his own, mine are very different, I’m not a Republican in a million years. Why not ask Ted f—ing Nugent? Or one of those f—ing country stars? They’ll do it for you.”

Second, many folks who now know much more about the values and attitudes of the Trumpster, thanks to the campaign, wouldn't go to a party of his today. He has revealed himself to us, you see. Now we know who he is.

Third, to say Elton John "stole" his rhinestone outfits" from the world of country music is laughable. Please show me a picture of a country artist in the 1970s who dressed as outrageously as John.

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