Monday, November 21, 2016

Team Trump To CNN: Why Do You Care About Trump Tweets?

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, defending Donald Trump's now infamous Twitter rants, asked CNN's Chris Cuomo "Why do you care?"

From The Hill:

A top Donald Trump aide is dismissing questions about the president-elect’s tweeting, asking why a network news anchor would care. “Why take it up? Why take up SNL? No president does that. Why waste time? Why distract?” CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Kellyanne Conway Monday morning. “Why do you care?” Conway replied in the contentious interview.

“Who’s to say he can’t do that? Make a comment – spend five minutes sending a tweet, making a comment,” Conway said on Monday. She then accused Cuomo of assigning “wrongdoing” and “malice” where it doesn’t exist. “I think we should all learn from the election that this doesn’t fly with the voters,” she added. Conway said CNN is “focusing on divisions” by bringing up Trump’s tweeting.

“This network and other people will always be focused on divisions. How about accepting the election results, Chris, and letting him form a government?” Trump over the weekend tweeted criticisms of “Saturday Night Live” and repeatedly called on the “Hamilton” cast to apologize to Mike Pence for comments targeted at the vice president-elect.

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