Saturday, November 12, 2016

Radio Show: 2016 Campaign In The Rear View Mirror

On my latest radio show, I recap the outcome of the election, how we got here and what's ahead of us all.

Show description:

Donald Trump won the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote leaving the country extremely divided. Protesters have staged events across the country for the past two nights.

How did all the pundits and pollsters get the predictions so wrong?

What can we expect from a Trump administration?

What did we learn about ourselves as a country from this bitter election cycle?

If you listen to the show, I explain my theory that the immediate cause for Hillary's loss was the interference in the election by FBI Director James Comey. His letter 12 days before the election regarding "possibly pertinent" emails found a a laptop used by Clinton aide Huma Abedin threw the campaign into a whirlwind. And his second letter, absolving here (also known as the "Nevermind" letter) embolden Trump's followers.

It turns out the Clinton campaign agrees with me.

In a conference call with top donors, Clinton cited the first Comey letter for stopping her momentum and second for energizing Trump voters.

Listen below as I explain that and more about the election results.

Btw - I tried something new in terms of my microphone, thinking it would be a step up. It was a step down. Sorry for the sound quality. Won't happen again :)

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