Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NY Daily News Doubles Down On Hillary, KKK Does The Same For Trump

The New York Daily News doubles down on it's full-throated endorsement of Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

Here's just a bit of the lengthy and detailed op-ed. I fully encourage you to read the full essay.

The Daily News again extends its wholehearted endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We do so with faith that Clinton would be a transformative leader for the good, far beyond making history as the first female President.

And we do so with fact-based, fearful conviction that Donald Trump would lead a nation divided against itself, with catastrophic consequences at home and abroad.


Donald Trump is all about selling a single repulsively flawed product: himself.

Hillary Clinton is no saleswoman. Instead, she is a doer who has a historic chance to prove that the U.S. government can actually work to the benefit of its citizen bosses.

No election in our lifetimes has produced a clearer choice: Clinton over Trump, urgently and by acclamation.

I'll note that Republican Donald Trump received another endorsement this week - from the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.

That tells you a LOT about Trump's America.

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