Monday, October 10, 2016

What Was Donald Trump's Odd "Lurking" Behavior About At The Presidential Debate?

One thing I noticed during last night's presidential debate was Donald Trump's odd trailing of Hillary Clinton.

At one point during Hillary Clinton's answer to a question about Obamacare, he wandered into her personal space in what appeared to be an attempt to intimidate Clinton. And stayed there.

Check this mashup of his lurking:

It seems I'm not the only person to notice.

Via Talking Points Memo:

When Clinton made herself available to reporters on her campaign plane after the debate, she was asked if she could tell that Donald Trump “was standing right behind her,” during her answer to a question about Obamacare. Clinton responded that she could, and that Trump “was very present.”

“It was a very small space,” Clinton said of Trump’s proximity. “And I tried to give him space whenever he was talking to people. I would go back and you know, lean up against my stool. But he was very present.”

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