Monday, October 17, 2016

Two Very Different Responses To A Tragic Event

After a North Carolina country Republican Party headquarters was bombed over the weekend, it's interesting to note how the two presidential candidates addressed the terrible event.

Hillsborough police are investigating after the Republican Party headquarters was vandalized with graffiti and damaged with a flammable material thrown through the front window. No injuries were reported.

The graffiti included a swastika and the words, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else,” according to officials, which was spray-painted in black on the side of an adjacent building.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton posted this tweet calling the attack “horrific and unacceptable.” She added that she’s “very grateful that everyone is safe.”

And then there's this from her opponent, Donald Trump:

With no proof, Trump jumps to inflammatory accusations - again.

This is not leadership.

p.s. Just to show you who the good guys are, North Carolina Democrats set out to raise money to help rehab the Republican offices. In just 40 minutes over $10K was raised. #Class

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