Saturday, October 15, 2016

Radio Show: Out Musician NIKO Premieres Debut Single "2 HEARTS"

Out artist NIKO premiered his new single, "2 Hearts," last night on my BlogTalkRadio show, sharing his creative process and how his international background influenced his artistic perspective.

As electronic/synth pop continues it's rise in popularity around the world, NIKO lands in the sweet spot with "2 HEARTS." A smooth romantic vibe coupled with a dash of Pet Shop Boys gives the track strong legs to stand on, while sexy electronic textures and a percolating beat lends an urgency to the introspective lyrics.

"We are born with two eyes, two ears, two arms / But I'm wondering why with just one heart / Although I feel the beat, I know it's incomplete / But looking in your eyes it can synchronize."

You can listen to NIKO's "2 HEARTS" on Soundcloud here.

Fusing a European sensibility with an international background, NIKO is an openly gay pop artist who brings a sensual take to Synth Pop, striving for a textural experience through clarity of sound and intensity of voice. From intimacy to escapism, fame to club culture, NIKO showcases a multifaceted persona through his own writing and production as he navigates through different thematics, inspirations and emotions.

Growing up in Milan, NIKO was naturally drawn to the city’s fashion and nightlife scene, where his earliest musical endeavors began as creative collaborations with underground DJs as a songwriter and vocalist. During a stint in London and Manchester where he co-wrote and recorded tracks with Joe Cross, producer of Hurts, he nurtured his passion for music production and decided to launch his career as a solo artist. He later set his sights on New York, which he credits for broadening his cultural perspective, inspiring greater depth in music diversity and where his debut single “2 HEARTS” was recorded.

NIKO describes the new single thusly: “2 HEARTS is a reflection on the human need to connect with ‘another half’. It’s about the moment when you let go of your fears and open yourself to love, embracing your emotions and “synchronizing” to another person’s heartbeat.”

"2 HEARTS" is available on iTunes/Apple Music & Spotify

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