Friday, October 28, 2016

New Music: Aston "Circles"

I think the title "Circles" is very appropriate for the state of things here at The Randy Report as we feel like the last two weeks of the election cycle seem set on a constant "spin" cycle.

"Circles" is the lead single from LGBTQ ally and self-described pansexual Aston's self-titled debut EP.

Sonically, the dance track sounds like the love child of an early Madonna groove that went on a date with classic Bananarama. Pop-y, bright, loose and airy - the vocals and production keep the vibe light and fun.

Via Aston's official website:

The road to her debut EP was a long and winding one, from the little girl who posed like Marilyn Monroe in the mirror, sang along to Celine Dion and danced to MC Hammer on the TV to a rebellious teenage bride whose ambitions had to take a back seat when the father of her child was sent to prison, leaving Aston to step up and raise her daughter alone.

Those experiences are captured in the high-energy dance-floor beats and rhythms of her music, the self-penned “Freak (Dance with Me),” which expresses her freewheeling views of sexual liberation in its menage a trois scenario: “There’s two boys with one girl/She doesn’t know what to think/But by the end of the night/I bet they’ll turn her into a freak.”

“I never knew how to identify myself until I saw the definition of pansexual,” she says about her own sexual orientation. “It is the word that would best describe me. I don’t look at a person’s gender, gender identity, appearance, age or race. It’s all about the quality of their internal spirit.”

Songs like “Miss Me,” “Need U ASAP” and the tribal percussive “Pulse” ooze sexuality and urge people to free their libidos, taking away the shame of desire and instead, celebrating it. “Smells Like Love,” which starts as a piano ballad before segueing into a feverish ode to animal attraction, is a tribute to her love of Disney, a nod to The Lion King’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” Bullied in school for her overt sexuality, Aston is committed to speaking out against that kind of activity and is a vocal supporter of LBGTQ causes.

Currently available on iTunes. You can catch the lyric video for "Circles" below.

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