Friday, October 7, 2016

Donald Trump Has Received Zero Endorsements From Newspapers

I was just thinking about this very idea a few days ago.

While Democrat Hillary Clinton has been getting endorsements from not only "left-leaning" newspapers, she's also received the endorsement of several traditionally "right-leaning" newspapers. The Dallas Morning News, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Arizona Republic - all have endorsed Hillary.

I realize that since I'm not a big fan of reading the hard right outlets, I'm not aware of any of Donald Trump's endorsements.

Turns out it's not me.

There aren't any.

From Yahoo News:

With just a little over a month until election day, Donald Trump has racked up zero major newspaper endorsements, a first for any major party nominee in American history.

While newspaper endorsements don’t necessarily change voters’ minds, this year’s barrage of anti-Trump endorsements could actually move the needle come November, experts say.

“It’s significant,” Jack Pitney, professor of government at California’s Claremont McKenna College, told TheWrap. “The cumulative effect of all these defections could have an impact on moderate Republicans.”

Some conservative papers, which have endorsed Republicans for decades, are now breaking with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton or, at the very least, urge their readers not to vote for Trump.

Several have taken a stand even at the expense of losing subscribers at a time when newspapers are barely staying afloat. Some papers have received death threats. But for a growing number of newspaper editorial boards, staying on the sidelines is no longer an option.

I just realized I am wrong. During primary season the New York Observer endorsed Donald. I guess I wasn't counting that one since his son-in-law owns it.

Oh - and the National Enquirer endorsed the Trumpster. I think that says it all.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

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