Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Steve King: "I Want To Promote The 'Natural' Family"

Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa, appearing on CNN's New Day, told anchor Chris Cuomo that he wants to support the "natural family."

The response was to a question as to whether Donald Trump's child care plan would protect LGBT families. When Cuomo asked what King meant by "natural family," King replied, "A man and a woman hopefully joined together in holy matrimony (emphasis on "holy") blessed by God with children."

Cuomo didn't stop there. Cuomo mentioned the social research that shows children in same-sex families do just as well or better as those in heterosexual familes, King demurred.

"I think I'd need to look a little further into some of that research. You know we got down in the global warming argument and found out there was another side to that equation, too."

It went on from there. Truly knuckle dragging stuff here.

Kudos to Cuomo and CNN for not letting King slide his backwards world view past the viewers.

This is what you get with Trump and his ilk.

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