Friday, September 2, 2016

ABC Reporter Calls Breitbart's Milo Yiannopolous A 13-Year Old Idiot

You may have heard of Milo Yiannopoulos, the loathsome toad who among other things is captivated by trolling folks on social media for his own sense of delight.

The openly gay (I hate that the LGBT community has to include him in our tribe) Tech editor for anti-LGBT media site Breitbart, and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur was kicked off Twitter for life for his direct attacks on people.

ABC News's Terry Moran interviewed Yiannopoulos for a piece on trolling, and I'm guessing Yiannopoulos' employer Breitbart wasn't thrilled with the results.

ABC’s Terry Moran launched a full scale attack on Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos as part of a feature for ABC Nightline, calling Milo an “idiot,” “revolting” and comparing him to a “13-year-old” child.

The piece centered around the topic of trolling, with ABC describing Milo as “the tip of the iceberg in a rising tide of hate and abuse in social media, one he clearly sees as a noble purpose.” Asked by Moran whether he would call Leslie Jones a “dude” to her face, Milo confirmed that he “probably would.”

“Then you’re an idiot,” Moran angrily replied.

The segment continues, describing Milo as a “self-proclaimed troll” who “makes a career out of sparking outrage, spreading vitriol at many and helping to legitimize a movement of negativity growing on the internet.”

“You’re going to go after somebody’s body to go after their ideas, what grade are you in? Are you a 13-year-old?,” to which Milo said that the real problem lies with the body positivity movement and the “idea that you can tell women they’ll be happy and health at any size.”

“My rudeness creates conversation, provokes people into saying oh what a monster and then 20% of people start talking about what I was actually saying I will consider my career to be a terrific success,” Milo added.

You really should watch just to get an idea of the hideous people out there who live to insult for sport.

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