Friday, July 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaign Raises Almost $70 Million In June

The first month of the general election has come and gone, and it was a very good month for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

On top of rising numbers in the polls across the board, her campaign is reporting almost $70 million was raised for Hillary for America, the DNC and state parties.

The average donation was $48, which means a LOT of folks donated to the former Secretary of State's campaign.  The bulk of the money raised - $40.5 million - will go directly to Hillary's campaign, while $28 million will be spread among the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

The huge haul means Hillary begins July with $44 million on hand.

"Our first month of general election fundraising proved to be the best of the campaign," campaign manager Robby Mook said in a statement. "Thanks to the continued support of nearly 1.6 million people, we have been able to help Democrats build out an organizing infrastructure across the country that will mobilize millions of voters and help elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot."

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