Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sen. Pete Sessions: It Isn't A Gay Nightclub, It's A "Young Person's Club"

This is embarrassing.

Apparently, Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions attempted to redefine gay Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, where the deadliest shooting tragedy in the history of the country occurred, as not a gay club but as a "young person's club."

From Talking Points Memo:

Pulse describes itself as "the hottest gay bar in Orlando" on its website and while the shooter's precise motive is not yet known, a number of the victims were part of the LGBT community.

Early Sunday, 29 year-old Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse, which was hosting a Latin night, and killed 49 people before ultimately being shot and killed by officers who stormed the scene to rescue hostages he'd taken.

Here's what Sessions told National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser when asked whether the shooting changed his position on a measure that would ban federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT individuals:

Sessions' communications director, Caroline Boothe, told TPM that Newhauser's quotes were correct but "taken out of context without the background information."

"What my boss meant to say was that there weren't only gay individuals at the club but people from all walks of life were present," Boothe said.

She added that "at the end of the day we're all Americans" and said Sessions' heart grieved for everyone.

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