Saturday, June 4, 2016

Music Video: Shura "What's It Gonna Be?"

UK pop-singer Shura brings just a bit of high school angst to her new music video for "What's It Gonna Be?" (from her upcoming album Nothing's Real) reminding us when best friends help each in the realm of crushes.

About the video, Shura writes:

"What's It Gonna Be?' is about having a massive crush on someone, so it made sense to go back where to school, where it all began. But it was important for us to explore those archetypal characters - The Jock, The Nerd, The Dork, The Popular Kid - and then flip expectations.

'What's It Gonna Be?' is based on my personal experience as a kid; thinking you're in love but then realising that's maybe just because you feel you should be (and ending up with someone totally unexpected)."

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