Sunday, May 22, 2016

SNL Cold Open: Hillary And Bernie Share A Beer And Dance It Out

Kate McKinnon’s "Hillary Clinton" runs into Larry David’s "Bernie Sanders" in a bar in SNL’s cold open and let each other in on their deepest secrets.

Sanders: “You know how I constantly rail against the upper class? Sometimes when I go to sleep at night I dream about being a fancy millionaire or billionaire! And in my dream, I wear a fancy hat. I say fancy things like, ‘I’ll have a tuna sandwich…on a croissant!”

Clinton: “Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never told anyone this, but, you know the presidency? I really, really want it…and you know what else? I really don’t like people. I only talk to them because I want the presidency so bad.”

It's as good as you've heard. This is what SNL really used to do better than anyone.

And then they dance their differences out.

At least to the elevator.

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