Sunday, April 10, 2016

President Obama: I Will Support SCOTUS Nominee To The End Of My Term

In his first appearance on Fox News Sunday since being elected president, Barack Obama addressed the blockade in the Republican-controlled Senate currently stalling a consideration of his Supreme Court nominee, D.C. circuit judge Merrick Garland.

Via Talking Points Memo:

"I think there's no doubt that Democrats and Republicans have gotten into a fix inside the Senate in which the confirmation process becomes too much of a tit-for-tat or becomes politicized," Obama said on "Fox News Sunday." "So I don't object to Republicans saying, 'look, Merrick Garland may be a fine man. He may be an excellent judge. But I just disagree with him philosophically on a whole range of issues so I'm going to vote against him.'"

Obama also said he believes if the confirmation process would occur, Republicans would see Garland's outstanding qualifications and vote for him.

When asked if he would support Garland through the end of his term, Obama unequivocally said "yes."

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