Wednesday, April 13, 2016

North Carolina: Raleigh Has Already Lost Hundreds Of Thousands In Tourism Dollars Over HB2

The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau is reporting that the Raleigh area has already lost $732,000 in tourism dollars and economic benefits thanks to the recently signed HB2, which legalized discrimination against LGBTs in the state.

The report went on to say another $24 million could be lost to the local economy if the "hate law" isn't repealed. The report cited at least 16 organizations that have indicated they may move their scheduled events to another state that might be more "inclusive."

Via Raw Story:

The city’s biggest loss could be a four-year contract for an undisclosed sports tournament that would have brought 51,000 people and $4.5 million in benefits to the area each year.

“We just felt that it’s not in the best interest of our membership to go someplace that’s not inclusive,” Johnstone Supply spokesperson Janet Tipton told The News & Observer.

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