Thursday, April 21, 2016

NBA To North Carolina: Change Anti-LGBT Hate Law Or We Move 2017 All-Star Game

More bad news for North Carolina in the aftermath of the state's anti-LGBT legislation, HB2.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday that the hate law remains "problematic" for the league, and if the law is unchanged by next year, the currently scheduled All-Star game will have to be moved to a new location outside of North Carolina.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Silver’s comments on the state’s controversial House Bill 2 came at the Associated Press Sports Editors’ commissioner meetings Thursday, according to attendees.

Earlier in the day, Silver again called the law “problematic” for the league as it stands, but he said he’s confident state lawmakers will “do the right thing.”

“We’ve been, I think, crystal clear a change in the law is necessary for us to play in the kind of environment that we think is appropriate for a celebratory NBA event,” Silver said at the APSE event.

And speaking on ESPN’s Mike & Mike morning radio show, Silver said the NBA is more interested in working with local businesses and governments to effect change in the law, rather than in setting ultimatums about the 2017 All-Star Game, which is to take place in Charlotte.

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