Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton: I've Got Hot Sauce In My Bag

During an interview with THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton shared that she always keeps hot sauce in her purse.

Via TMZ:

Charlamagne asked the Prez hopeful what's in her purse, and she went for the sauce ... clearly a reference to Beyonce's "Formation," in which she sings, "I keep hot sauce in my bag, swag."

When asked if she was pandering to black people, she jokingly said ... "Is it working?"

She's been getting blasted for the comment, but truth is Hill's talked about her love of chili peppers and hot sauce since 1992, when she started using it to boost her immune system.

So basically, Clinton was on the sauce long before Bey.

As TMZ points out, this really isn't a new thing for Clinton. Chilies and hot sauce have been a "thing" for her for a long time.

She has previously talked about her love of hot sauce and peppers many times in the past like here and  here and here.

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