Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders Announces Huge Campaign Staff Cuts, Shifting Focus To Winning California

Just a day after losing four of five state primaries for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders announced he will be trimming campaign staffers by the hundreds, and shift his focus to winning the June 7th California contest.

Via the New York Times:

Despite the changes, Mr. Sanders said he would remain in the race through the party’s summer convention and stressed that he hoped to bring staff members back on board if his political fortunes improved.

“We want to win as many delegates as we can, so we do not need workers now in states around country,” Mr. Sanders said in the interview. “We don’t need people right now in Connecticut. That election is over. We don’t need them in Maryland. So what we are going to do is allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remain, and that means that we are going to be cutting back on staff.”

When asked how many people would be let go, Mr. Sanders didn’t give an exact number but did say many people would be affected.

“It will be hundreds of staff members,” Mr. Sanders said. “We have had a very large staff, which was designed to deal with 50 states in this country; 40 of the states are now behind us. So we have had a great staff, great people.”

At last count, Sanders trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by about 300 pledged delegates.

Super-stats guy Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight website predicts that Clinton currently has an 89% chance of winning California.

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