Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday Was 'Super' For Some, Not So Much For Others

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It was an interesting Super Tuesday for the current crop of presidential contenders.

Hillary Clinton won 7 of the 11 Democratic contests (AL, AR, GA, MA, TN, TX, VA) as Sen. Bernie Sanders clinched the remaining four (CO, MN, OK, VT).

Sanders put lots of energy and resources into Oklahoma and Massachusetts but only won one of those. Some Bernie fans have blamed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for the loss in Massachusetts due to her lack of endorsement for her fellow progressive.

Part of Clinton's dominance was rooted in her massive support from African-Americans and Latinos:

• Alabama: Clinton 93%, Sanders 5%
• Arkansas: Clinton 90%, Sanders 10%
• Georgia: Clinton 83%, Sanders 16%
• Oklahoma: Clinton 71%, Sanders 27%
• Tennessee: Clinton 85%, Sanders 12%
• Texas: Clinton 83%, Sanders 15%
• Virginia: Clinton 84%, Sanders 16%

At this point, Clinton has won 461 delegates to Sanders' 295, and that doesn't include super-delegates. NBC News' First Read says the math makes it difficult for Sanders to clinch the nomination unless he wins 59% of the remaining delegates. 

On the Republican side, Donald Trump had a good night winning 7 states (AL, AR, GA, MN, TN, VT, VA), while Sen. Ted Cruz snagged wins in 3 states (AK, OK, TX), and Sen. Marco Rubio finally won 1 state with Minnesota.

Many pundits now give Cruz, Rubio and company only two weeks to effectively find a way to stop Trump or that's all she wrote. On March 15th all primaries on the GOP side become "winner take all," which means if Trump continues as he is now he will start pulling away from the rest of the pack FAST.

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