Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nevada: Michele Fiore Says Oregon Occupiers Were "Camping"

Nevada Assemblywoman (and local nutjob) Michele Fiore sat down with Chris Kudialis of the Las Vegas Sun to discuss the recent occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon by the Bundy militia, which became a national news story for 40 days as the occupiers threatened to shoot any federal agent who attempted to arrest them.

Fiore, who became involved at the end of the debacle, now calls what the occupiers did "camping."

They entered a federal office building while armed, renamed the facility, accessed personnel files and posted private information about employees online, destroyed fencing while allowing the media to record them, drove government vehicles and said they were ready to “kill or be killed” while making a stand against the United States government.

Nevada congressional candidate Michele Fiore calls this “camping.”

In an interview that explored her views of the type of anti-government activists who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Ore., this year, Fiore bristled at questions in which the Oregon incident was described as an occupation. Not only did she say the activists acted lawfully, she contended they were victims of “an act of terrorism” by the federal government.

“It was abandoned. No one was there, so they basically kind of said, ‘This is a great place to camp and make our statement,’” Fiore said.

Asked about specific activities that were reported during the occupation, Fiore offered varying responses. She said she knew refuge vehicles were being driven by activists, but said one of the leaders tried to prevent it. She said she was unaware of fences being destroyed or employee information being compromised, despite reports from media outlets inside the facility.

“I’d need to see some proof,” said Fiore, currently a Nevada assemblywoman. “Somebody would need to show me.”

Fiore announced last week that she intends to run for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat.

You can watch Chris Kudialis' interview below.

To further illustrate her character, this is from Fiore's Christmas calendar:

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