Saturday, March 26, 2016

NBA To North Carolina: We May Move 2017 All-Star Game Over Anti-LGBT Law

The NBA is just one of many major businesses concerned about anti-LGBT law HB2

In response to North Carolina's new anti-LGBT law, HB2, which strips all protections for LGBTs off the books, the NBA has issued a statement hinting that Charlotte could lose the 2017 All-Star Game.

From The Bleacher Report:

"The NBA is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all who attend our games and events," the statement read. "We are deeply concerned that this discriminatory law runs counter to our guiding principles of equality and mutual respect and do not know yet what impact it will have on our ability to successfully host the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte."

On Wednesday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill that blocks its cities from allowing transgender individuals to use public restrooms of the gender they identify as, per Dave Philipps of the New York Times. Individuals will instead be forced to use the restrooms of their birth gender.

The law superseded an attempt by Charlotte's city government to allow transgender individuals to pick their restroom based on the gender of their choosing. The city council approved the bill in February despite the Republican governor's protestation.

North Carolina's new law has been widely criticized in the LGBT community as being discriminatory not only toward transgender individuals but gays and lesbians as well.

The NBA awarded the 2017 All-Star Game last summer. It would be an unprecedented step to strip a city of the event based on legislation outside the citizens' control, but it would also be a strong message in support of the LGBT community.

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