Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Chris Christie Comfortable Being "The Man Behind Trump?"

Easily the most uncomfortable scene from last night's Super Tuesday was watching New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stand behind Donald Trump at his press event for what seemed like an eternity.

Christie's face and eyes seemed to tell their own story as he watched from behind the Trumpster. You have to wonder if Christie has reconsidered the price he paid by endorsing Trump.

From CNN:

The New Jersey governor, who endorsed Trump on Friday, introduced the real estate mogul during a Super Tuesday press conference. But as Trump began speaking, people couldn't stop talking about the look on Christie's face.

It's been a bumpy road for Christie ever since he endorsed Trump last week. Seconds after Christie finished proclaiming his support, Trump ordered him to "get on the plane and go home," an awkward exchange that was caught on camera and quickly spread around the Internet.

Alexandra Petra of the Washington Post may have captured it best when she wrote about Christie's "Wordless Screaming."

In related Christie news, 6 New Jersey newspapers have publicly called for Christie to resign as governor.

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