Sunday, March 20, 2016

Arizona Republic Endorses Hillary Clinton

Arizona'a leading newspaper - the Arizona Republic - has endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Excerpt from the Arizona Republic:

Hillary Clinton deserves her due.

Not just because she has risen higher than any woman in American politics, but because she is by far the most experienced candidate of any of those running in either party this year. In fact, she is one of the most experienced people to ever run for president.

Clinton has been accused of cutting corners and making up her own rules. She is fiercely disliked in many corners of this country, viewed as a divisive figure.

But few people engaged in the large policy debates of our land could withstand the kind of public scrutiny Clinton has endured during her near-lifetime of public service. She carries with her the battle scars of conflicts and accusations that have diminished her over the years. She has struggled in this campaign to win over some Democrats who distrust her.

But she is also battle-tested, hardened by the fierce political infighting and partisanship that consumes political life in this country.

Her enemies, and they are legion, have sought to tear her down. But she is still standing, and on the cusp of the highest office in the land.

She has the mettle to be president. The sound judgment to be commander in chief.

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