Sunday, March 20, 2016

Arizona: More Violence At Trump Campaign Rally

Photo credit: Sam Mircovich/Reuters

Donald Trump rallies continue to produce rage and violence as another protester was attacked during a campaign stop in Arizona yesterday.

From the New York Daily News:

With the GOP frontrunner on stage, a Trump supporter at a rally in Tucson viciously assaulted a protester who was being led away.

The disturbing melee pitted a kicking, punch-throwing Trump loyalist against Bryan Sanders, 33, a protester kicked out of the rally at 3 p.m. Saturday for chanting “liar” amid a rabid crowd. It was yet one more slice of mayhem following Trump and his screwball campaign across the country.

“I feel great that I'm not dead, but I am definitely in physical pain,” Sanders told the Daily News.

The Tucson resident is nursing a swollen jaw and bruised ribcage after his alleged attacker, Tony Pettway, 32, landed a brutal sucker punch to Sanders’ right jaw.

Pettway continued with a flurry of five to six punches before kicking and stomping on Sanders in a Tucson Arena stairwell.

“I have nothing against the guy that attacked me," said Sanders, who was waving a picture of Trump overlaid with the Confederate flag when Pettway walloped him. "I don’t know him. He’s just an angry person and his anger is being accentuated by the political movement.”

The assault was caught on video from at least two angles, showing a swarm of cops weaving through a crowd of Trump supporters to grab Pettway. He faces a misdemeanor assault charge in suspicion of beating up Sanders.

You can see the sucker-punch caught on video below:

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