Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Anderson Cooper To Trump: "That's The Argument Of A Five-Year-Old"

At last night's CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall, Donald Trump attempted to explain the feud between himself and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas which has included photos and tweets of their wives.

Cooper brought up Trump's decision to share an image comparing the appearance of his wife to Cruz's. The tweet used an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz.

After trying to obfuscate the issue by talking about GQ Magazine covers and great photographers, Trump resorted to "I didn't start it."

This is how the conversation went.

Cooper: You're running for president of the United States.

Trump: Excuse me, I didn't start It. I didn't start it.

Cooper: But, sir, with all due respect, that the argument of a 5 year old.

Trump: No, it's not.

Cooper: The argument of a 5 year old is "he started it."

Trump: You would say that. That's the problem with our country.

Cooper: Every parent knows a kid who says "he started it."

Trump: Excuse me. No, no. That's the problem. Exactly that thinking is the problem this country has.

Here's the whole exchange:

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