Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Radio Show: Jeb Havens Shares His New Album HOME BASE

Jeb Havens is an international recording artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles, and one of my favorite out musicians.

His music is a blend of catchy pop and raw emotional therapy. His YouTube channel, featuring his popular "Closet Covers" series has over 650,000 views, and captured the attention of Reddit, BuzzFeed, and the TV show “Right This Minute”.

Jeb Havens recording a session for his "Closet Covers" series

Jeb's new album, HOME BASE, produced by Grammy-winning producer Andy Zulla, is being released today and you can find it on all digital download vendors.

Jeb shares many of the songs from HOME BASE, and talks about the creative process involved in creating the new album.

Jeb will host and perform at a record release party at Rockwell in Los Angeles tonight. Plus, it's his birthday, so much celebrating to do!

Find Jeb's new album on iTunes here.

“Seriously, someone get this guy a record deal already.” –BuzzFeed

Check out my radio show interview with the talented (and easy on the eyes) Jeb Havens below.

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