Saturday, February 13, 2016

Out Music: Kenyth Mogan "It Was Love"

This Valentine's Day finds out singer/songwriter Kenyth Mogan in a wistful mood with his new single, "It Was Love."

Mogan talks on the inspiration for the song:
"It Was Love" is a very personal song for me.

I wrote the lyrics after finding a photo of me and my first boyfriend in high school. He passed a few years ago, and without even realizing it, all these memories and emotions came rushing back that I had to sit down and write. The lyrics just kind of poured out.

So much happens the first time you fall in love. Everything is new and exciting and in those moments, it's perfect. But, things change and people grow apart, regardless of the promises we made. It's no one's fault. It just happens. I think a lot of people can relate too.
I previously wrote about Mogan last February when he shared his take on The Wizard of Oz and a Tin Man who couldn't see love right in front of him.

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