Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three 18 Year Old Buds Are Ready For Donald Trump

These three 18-year-old bros - Brody Buck, Turner Eakins and Tate Moyer - are ready to throw down and bro out hard for Donald Trump.

Speaking to CNN, the three explain exactly why they believe completely in the Trumpster.

Says Brody (the brooding one), “In school we learned about how America was great, you know, a while ago or whatever. And I kinda want to live through that as an 18-year-old.”

And when it comes to The Donald's non-traditional use of language (calling folks "losers") or political correctness, Turner says, “Ordinary citizens say stuff like that and I wouldn’t say any of us are sexist for using those terms. If you take that away, then you lose the authenticity.”

Ok. So, to be "authentic" you have to be rude or a jerk.

Got it.

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