Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Radio Show: Internet Sensation Brandon Skeie Drops New Single "So Bad"

YouTube music sensation Brandon Skeie releases his new single "So Bad"
Brandon Skeie releases his new single "So Bad"

I really enjoyed talking with internet music sensation Brandon Skeie last night on my online radio show, The Randy Report.

Brandon Skeie (SHAY-AH) is an LA based singer-songwriter/artist with a strong presence among the industry’s creative community.

At the age of 22, Brandon Skeie has been featured in Billboard, Ryan Seacrest and MTV, over 3M SoundCloud plays, an active online fan base of 350K+ followers, a 15 week synch on E! and more.

After developing a huge following on his YouTube channel (almost 9 million views) including his spectacular cover versions of songs like Adele's "Hello," Brandon is poised for a strong 2016 with the release of original music, beginning with his new single "So Bad".

I spoke with Brandon about his creative process in the recording studio, his amazing vocal range, and how he views being an out musician in today's musical landscape.

I'm a fan of the new song, so I asked about where the inspiration for the song came from. Brandon's response:
Basically, "So Bad" is based on a previous relationship of mine. I had met a person. It was actually my first love, which made it a little bit more interesting. I was deeply, deeply in love with this person, but around six, seven months into the relationship, it just became evident that love wasn't enough.

We had many, many differences. We didn't get along a lot of the time. It just created this feeling like, "Man, I just want you so bad all the time, but I can't." It's just you falling so in love with somebody or the idea of somebody, and then you really get to know them, your personalities clash, and there's nothing you can do, except for that feeling that lingers. Wanting somebody so bad, but knowing it's not the right time or the right place.

That's basically the full inspiration behind it. The same situation actually was going on with my co-writer Hillary Bernstein at the same time. Both of us were going through this really rough relationship period and just came up with this concept. It just flew out of us really quickly.
After listening to the show below, make sure you check out Brandon's new single "So Bad" here.

You can follow Brandon on Instagram here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Brandon Skeie in the recording studio
Brandon Skeie

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