Sunday, January 24, 2016

Iowa's Sioux City Journal & NH Concord Monitor Endorse Hillary Clinton For President

Following up on the endorsement by The Des Moines Register, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton scores two more newspaper endorsements.

Echoing the Des Moines Register, both focus on how qualified Hillary is to be President, and her unmatched breadth of experience.

I've been worried that the polls were shifting in Bernie Sander's direction of late in Iowa, so I'm happy to have any help.

According to Nate Silver’s 538 website, since 1988 an endorsement by the Des Moines Register averages a 3% difference in the total vote. That could make the difference in the upcoming Democratic caucus's.

From the Sioux City Journal:

Without question, the 68-year-old Clinton possesses a breadth of experiences in public life unmatched by her Democratic opponents. In the "arena" at the fulcrum of national and international events since the '90s, Clinton requires no on-the-job training. She understands issues and knows leaders, both domestic and foreign, and appreciates the processes and peculiarities of the federal government from the perspective of both the legislative and executive branches.

From children to families to health care to human rights, including women's rights, to marriage equality, Clinton champions issues and positions true to traditional Democratic principles. She bolsters her domestic credentials with foreign policy experience as America's chief diplomat.

From New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor:

Only one Democratic candidate for president is truly qualified to hold the job: Hillary Clinton.

No contender’s resume can come within miles of matching Clinton’s. She’s ready to take up the nation’s top job on day one and her knowledge of domestic issues and foreign policy is encyclopedic. There is also a strong chance, should Clinton become president, that the poisonous partisanship that’s paralyzed Washington will be diminished rather than increased. Why? During her eight years as a senator from New York, she proved her ability to find common ground with Republicans, accords that allowed needed legislation to advance.

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