Thursday, December 17, 2015

Judge Rules Catholic School Broke Anti-Discrimination Laws By Rescinding Offer To Gay Man

The haters are so going to scream "religious liberties!"

Fontbonne Academy offered Matthew Barrett a job as a food services director. He accepted.

But when he listed his legal husband as his emergency contact on human resources forms, his offer was rescinded.

Message? We don't hire gays. The only problem is they broke state laws discriminating against Barrett.

ABC News takes it from here:

Barrett sued, alleging that the Milton school discriminated against him based on sexual orientation and gender. Norfolk Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins agreed, rejecting Fontbonne’s claim that hiring Barrett would infringe on its constitutional rights because it views his marriage to a man as incompatible with its religious mission.

The judge said Barrett’s duties as a food services director did not include presenting the teachings of the Catholic church. The judge also found that a religious exemption to the state anti-discrimination law applies only if a religious organization limits admission to people of a certain religion. Fontbonne is open to students and employees of all faiths, with the exception of its administration and theology faculty.

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