Wednesday, April 29, 2015

USA Today Interviews SCOTUS Watchers In Line

Equality Case Files activist Kathleen Perrin

USA Today interviewed folks in line to enter the Supreme Court yesterday .

In turns out the first 14 were paid placeholders who surrendered their positions to their sponsors after having camped out for days.

The 15th person in line, however, was Equality Case Files activist Kathleen Perrin.

Just as interesting, note who they interview at the 2:00 mark. Rick Grogan, the man who was removed from the SCOTUS chambers after heckling the judges saying "If you support gay marriage, then you will burn in hell."

Brogan has a history of such behavior having been blocked from the U.S. Capitol for shouting anti-abortion rhetoric, arrested after he ran onto the field of a Cincinnati Reds game, and again when he climbed a tree and tried to shout down President Obama during his 2013 inauguration.

(via JoeMyGod)

SCOTUS heckler Rick Grogan

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