Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fox News: Obama Wants To Take Your Sprinkles

Fox News loves to defend it's far right leaning style of "reporting the news." Many times I hear, the daytime shows on Fox News are all pure news, no commentary by the hosts.

Fox News spent over 3 minutes yesterday being upset over the FDA possibly regulating trans fats in foods. Not just "regulating" - but stoking the fires of the government stepping in and "making decisions" for you.

Completely out of whack.

Before the guest can even get to what he has to say on the subject, host Clayton Morris jumps in to TELL audiences what possibly banning sprinkles REALLY means for you:

Fox News host Clayton Morris told viewers on Tuesday that they would have to “say goodbye to your favorite sprinkled doughnut.”

“What it is also saying to people is, ‘You’re just not responsible, right?’” Morris opined. “If you can’t eat one of these every other day, and you know that you’re going to have some other health issues if you’re eating doughnuts, that’s the main part of your diet, that’s probably going to have some issues, what the government is saying is, ‘Look, you’re not responsible for your own health so we’re going to step in and make sure we’re going to be responsible for you.’”

“You know, there’s a tendency to look at this policy and say, ‘What’s the big deal? You know, a ban on sprinkles on donuts, it’s just not that big of deal,’” Lusk replied. “But I think the way you want to look at that is to say that, you know, if the government can involve itself in such small minutia decisions of our daily lives as to whether we want to eat sprinkles or not, you know, that’s really not much respect for the citizens’ choices.”

(via Raw Story)

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