Friday, December 26, 2014

Eminem "Comes Out" In THE INTERVIEW

In the newly released Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy film The Interview, rapper Eminem "comes out" during an appearance in the film's talk show Skylark.

In the scene, when asked what his lyrics mean, Eminem tells James Franco’s talk show host character he is ‘gay’ and ‘a homosexual’.

‘When I say things about gay people, or people think my lyrics are homophobic – it’s because I’m gay.’

When Franco's character - in freakout mode - asks Eminem to clarify, the rapper says, ‘I’m more shocked that people haven’t figured it out yet. I mean, it’s kind of like I’ve been playing gay peek-a-boo.’

In the TV studio control room, pandemonium ensues as Seth Rogen, as producer of the show, starts pulling up gay-related lyrics from Eminem's catalog even as he's throwing Em's publicist out of the control room.

In real life, Em has had a love/hate relationship with the LGBT community as he's frequently written homophobic lyrics. But the rapper has always contended he's not an enemy of the community and the lyrics represent his performance art and not his heart.

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