Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SNL: How Much Would It Take For a Straight Guy To Go Down On Another Guy?

So, while working on other posts the past couple of days, I've seen this circling the internet.

It's actually funnier than I imagined and I like how SNL's "resident young guy Pete Davidson" handles his "report" on the purported question: "How much money would you go down on a guy for?"

He's very straight-forward on the reality of the proposition - "I'm not gay. I'm a businessman."

Davidson says even if he was on a boat, and the boat was his - he'd still do the deed for a few thousand.  Why?  "A boat needs fuel."

Plus, such funds could pay for Thanksgiving dinner.  OR - cover taking the family to Six Flags and spring for the "Flash pass."

Logic.  There you go.

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