Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laverne Cox covers TIME Magazine - "The Transgender Tipping Point"

Look for Laverne Cox, star of Netflix series "Orange is the New Black," on the cover of the June 9 issue of Time Magazine.

Today is Laverne's birthday, so what a present this must be!

The article discusses the increased visibility and awareness of transgender people.

We are in a place now where more and more trans people want to come forward and say ‘This is who I am.’ And more trans people are willing to tell their stories. More of us are living visibly and pursuing our dreams visibly, so people can say, ‘Oh yeah, I know someone who is trans.’ When people have points of reference that are humanizing, that demystifies difference.

You can read the Q&A at

Check out a short "behind the scenes" video with Cox from Time Magazine below:

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