Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tennessee wedding venue changes policy to be truly inclusive

I recently reported about a couple of US veterans who were told they could not have their commitment ceremony at Tennessee's Mint Springs Farm. After originally booking the ceremony, Mint Springs Farm told the couple that it was against state law to host a same-sex ceremony.

Apparently the venue has rethought their policy. Via press release:

As the owners of Mint Springs Farm, we have had time to regroup and reflect. We have reached out to the community and started a dialogue with Tennessee Equality Project. The Executive Director, Chris Sanders, was able to meet with us.

In order to move forward, we have decided to change our policy. We will offer commitment ceremonies for any future couples that have a legal license from other states or countries. We also want to broaden this offer to include couples who simply want a commitment ceremony with no intention of obtaining a legal marriage license. This will be our policy moving forward, and it will remain true to all future prospective clients.

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