Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kickstarter Project: Do I Sound Gay?

I saw this over on Andrew Sullivan's site today.

I think this caught my attention because I've always been self-conscious about my own speaking voice. Doing a radio show for over two years helped me grow accustomed to hearing my voice, but watching the pitch video for this project, I'm aware of many of the same dynamics explored in the film project regarding gay men and our voices.

From the Kickstarter project page:

Confession: I’ve always been self-conscious about "sounding gay." It’s one of the main things that “gives me away” as gay. Three years ago, I decided I’d had enough. I knew that my anxiety came from my internalized homophobia telling me: Gay = bad, so sounding gay = bad. So, I decided to make DO I SOUND GAY?

In the tradition of funny-but-serious first-person movies like Supersize Me, Roger and Me and Good Hair, you’ll follow me as I encounter a colorful cast of linguists, historians, voice coaches, speech therapists, friends, family, and total strangers on the street, gay and non-gay, who share their wisdom and touching, funny stories about the “gay voice.”

You'll also hear intimate confessions and hilarious anecdotes from LGBT icons - Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon, Dan Savage, David Sedaris and George Takei - as they open up about the "gay voice." Thanks to all the incredible people I met, I was able to embrace my authentic voice.

Click here for more info or to contribute.

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