Saturday, February 22, 2014

Music video: Pharrell mash-up by Pomplamoose "Happy Get Lucky"

Creative music video from Pomplamoose.   Shot in one take, no cuts or invisible edits starting at 0:04.

Titled "Happy Get Lucky," the track/video samples from "Get Lucky", "Happy", and a dash of "Lose Yourself to Dance" in a really impressive video that was done in a single take and using a single projector shining on white foam core.

From the band:
For the verse of our mashup, we used the chords from "Get Lucky" with the vocals from "Happy." For our prechorus, we used the vocals from both "Happy" and "Get Lucky." The chorus of our mashup is the chords and vocals from "Happy" and the vocals from "Lose Yourself to Dance."

Find the track on iTunes here.

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